Outreach ministry is at the heart of the St. Stephens community. Here are some of our current projects:

Food Pantry

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Homeless Ministry at Pepper Tree Park, Tustin

Lindi Willhite, Preacher

This ministry started out from my daily interactions with the various homeless people who, through unfortunate circumstances, make the park their home during the day.  As I walked my dog, I soon recognized the “regulars” and would say “hi” as I passed by.  Progressively, I stopped and had longer conversations with individuals as their trust in me grew.  I started asking them what their needs were, both physically and spiritually, and started to fill their requests for food, clothing, pet food, tarps, etc. as I was able to.  As the year and seasons went by, the ministry grew and St. Stephens became a wonderful partner in this ministry.  We have collected and redeemed for cash plastic bottles to purchase warm jackets, tarps to protect people’s possessions, gift cards for local food places and laundromats, pet food, and socks.  But most of all, it has allowed us to serve those who are often ignored by providing prayer and human connection.

Services at Silverado

Silverado Tustin Hacienda Memory Care Community is an assisted living home for those with Alzheimer’s and related conditions.  There are 90 – 95 residents at any one time.  The purpose of our ministry is to provide spiritual comfort and hope of the eternal life through acceptance of Jesus Christ to those residents choosing to participate in an adapted Morning Prayer Service conducted for them at 1:30 every 2nd and 4th Sunday monthly.

St. Stephen’s has provided this ministry for many years starting with Fr. Richard Menees, then Nick and Kep Houk, and now by 5-7 volunteers.  We bring the good news of Christ’s sacrifice and redemptive power to about 25 residents through hymns, a brief homily, and both individual and group prayer.

This is a particularly rewarding and at times moving experience for our volunteers ministering to those in their final days who can be suffering from partial or total loss of sight, hearing and or speaking abilities, and other physical and mental challenges.  Their faith makes them well.  Praise the Lord!

Supporting Community Organizations

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Servicios en Español

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Uganda Mission

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Outreach Leadership

[Outreach Leadership]

Let’s build something together.

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