We are a group of Anglican, evangelical Christians who seek to honor and serve the living Lord. Our worship is vibrant and traditional. We are devoted to prayer and study. And we, like Saint Stephen, are called to serve the local community.

We enjoy fellowship and the traditions of the Anglican Church year round.

Saint Stephen’s is a member of The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) and The Diocese of Western Anglicans (DWA).

Join Us

Sunday Worship

10am Sundays at:
Helen Estock School
14741 North B Street
Tustin, CA 92780

This Week

Tues., 12pm: Holy Eucharist, Office
Tues., 4:30pm: Multi-Cultural Bible Study at the home of Raquel Salcines
Wed., 10am: Prayer Group at the home of Diane Bollinger
Thurs., 7pm: Prayer at the home of Jennifer Savage

Looking Ahead

Sun. 6/30, 12pm: Anglicanism 101
Thurs 7/11, 7pm: Hebrews Bible Study at the home of Jennifer Savage
Sun. 7/14, 1:30pm: Silverado Service, Tustin
Tues. 7/16, 7:30pm: Vestry Meeting
Sun. 7/21, 12pm: Anglicanism 101


Service to our community is at the heart of St. Stephen’s Parish.
We have several ongoing projects, as well as financially supporting other organizations in our area doing great work.

Recent Sermons

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